FBT Professional Company Overview & Alan Parsons Experience With FBT Professional
FBT MYRA Dual 14″ Large Format Line Array
FBT X-Lite Series Overview
FBT MYRA 214L – Large Format Line Array
FBT Speakers – MUSE
A true line array encompassing advanced technology and refined Italian engineering: these are the principles behind MUSE, a sound reinforcement solution granting power, compact dimensions, light weight, flexibility of applications and ease of use; from small installations up to a large outdoor concert deploying up to 16 speakers per hang.
FBT Shadow Series Overview (Outdoor Surface Mount)

FBT Ventis Series Overview (Powered & Portable)
FBT Ventis Series Overview 2
FBT Vertus Series Overview (Column Speakers)
FBT Horizon Series Overview (Live Performance Install & Portable)
FBT INFINITO System Management (Remote Monitoring and Control of Professional Sound Reinforcement Systems)
FBT Mitus Series Overview (Range of Powered and Passive Line Arrays)
FBT Vertus CS-1000 Portable Audio System
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